Creatures' Art introduces our mum’s art to the world. We are very proud of her and know that you will love her work as much as we all do. Mum has been painting her whole life and the “creatures” have completely taken over. In her words “they just make themselves known”. Watching these wonderful pieces evolve is an amazing process. It starts with a watercolour wash and then it starts with a black pen and out they pour. This is not mum's art so much as the creatures'.

It is really a case of all creatures great and small and they seem to leap off the page.

We’ve watched as the grandchildren, great grandchildren and their friends spend hours with the creatures finding things in the background that no one has seen before and making up stories to go with each picture. It is truly amazing to watch kids of all age make the creatures’ acquaintances. Have a look at the gallery or shop to see what we mean.

If you would like to purchase some creatures for someone you love (or for the kid inside you) please visit the shop and see which creatures make you theirs. Fair warning; they are ruthless once they get their claws into you; if you shop, you will buy.

We’re not sure how much longer they will keep mum company so you’d better get in while the gettings good.

Welcome to the world of the creatures; enjoy.